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Our brick and mortar store is located at 27 Birkenhead Avenue, Birkenhead, Auckland, next to Westpac Bank. Birkenhead Health Plus is New Zealand's leading health retailer for natural health, skincare, babies & household products. We are here to provide a friendly and personal service to everyone who lives in Northshore, especially people who lives in Birkenhead Area.

NZ Family Business

We are 100% New Zealand Owned and Operated Family Business. We truly believe that natural health products would help to promote a better health for you. We always stock the products that people in Birkenhead are looking for. You can now choose to visit us in store or browse on our website online. Save heaps when you shop with us today! Always remember, YOUR HEALTH FIRST!

Free Delivery

We are now providing free delivery exclusively to every customer who lives in Birkenhead on all orders over $35. You can now either order online through our website here or simply give us a call before we close for the day. All the delivery will be done after working hour personally by us to ensure same day delivery to your home unless we run out of the stock. We hope you all will like the service.

Price Matching

We are carrying a lot of brands and selling wide ranges of natural products both online and retail store. We acknowledge that there is always a price competition out there for every products. We are happy to do price matching when you mention about the price differences from other places. Also, please don't forget to checkout our specials and everyday low prices when you come and visit us.

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Welcome to Birkenhead Health Plus, the supplement store NZ that puts your health first. We are New Zealand's leading health retailer supplying an extensive natural health, household, babies, & skincare product range.

Located at 27 Birkenhead Avenue, Birkenhead, right next to the Westpac Bank, we have been serving local customers for years by sourcing modern products which deliver premium results. 100% New Zealand owned, we operate with professionalism and care, establishing our family business from humble beginnings and building a loyal customer base.

By offering the best prices and latest deals on an extensive range of products that offer many benefits with every purchase, we provide affordable shopping to protect the health of Auckland communities. Come in-store today or contact us on our online site and our friendly team will demonstrate the top suggestions or best brands for general health supplements, protein powders, weight loss supplements and more.

Buy Health Supplements Online

When looking to buy health supplements online, we are the perfect store to enquire with, where we are constantly updating our online campaigns with deals on our top categories. We maintain our online range with the latest products we offer and have extended our customer service for free shipping for Birkenhead residents who shop for any of our top brands, sports supplements, or new products.

Making the trip to our store will demonstrate our passion for natural health products, promoting healthy habits and supplementation for the Birkenhead community and greater Auckland. If you believe an item from our stock is over-priced please mention this to our staff as we price-match to ensure we aren't asking you to pay more than expected at our pharmacy Birkenhead.

Health Fix

Have you been wondering what the best option is to try and fix health issues? Our great prices mean that ordering supplements, especially with our free shipping for Birkenhead residents, are an excellent choice.

Our top sellers are supplements which are from well-known brands in New Zealand, where we suggest items that are proven and reliable, for heart issues, allergies and much more. With a commitment to attempting same-day dispatch, we should have an online item delivered within 1-3 working days for New Zealand clients and 10-15 days for standard shipping internationally to Australia.

Beauty Selection

For skincare, cosmetics, and hair care, Birkenhead Health Plus have you covered. We recognise the mental health value of beautifying products, assisting your shopping where we account for rejuvenating creams and restorative facial masks.

Additionally, by supplying contact lens solutions, we empower you to wear contact lenses for longer periods and feel confident during exercise. Our fragrances selection caters for both men and women, ensuring you are well-equipped for any situation.

Supplement Store NZ

Vitamins and Natural Health

We are committed to securing high-quality organic health products NZ from the top brands in the country. Our range of natural medicine and focused medicine for men's and women's health cater from general health to benefits of weight loss and fitness.

We partner with the best brands and account for factors of stress, body well-being and fitness goals with sports supplements items such as protein powder and pre-workout. While we stock a broad range of products to maintain a complete vitamins and natural health goods selection, our employees are well versed in our items to find the right supplement for any task.

Personal Health Care

Personal health care is a necessity for first aid needs, injuries and protection during activities. Shop for personal health care supplements to be well equipped during painful circumstances or to maintain the hygiene of your home.

We genuinely believe that our supplements will improve your health, offering weight management, workout whey supplements, intimacy, lifestyle care and more. Sporting products are provided to support your workouts, where exercise and muscle gain will require greater protein intake to receive real results.

Mums and Babies

Protecting the well-being of little ones in the community is a key focus for our team, where we excel at delivering trustworthy brands and accounting for all baby health needs. Items in our stock are readily available to serve the needs of our customers.

We hope to describe Bonjela teething gel® benefits and the advantages gained through our other products, such as milk powder and baby chest relief. Our staff are dedicated to making young parents less anxious about their babies, providing friendly and responsive communication to help guide you to the right supplement.

Discount Prices

While our free delivery is exclusive to Birkenhead residents for all orders, our discount prices ensure all customers in New Zealand and internationally do not over-pay when they partner with us.

About Birkenhead Health Plus!

Birkenhead Health Plus is New Zealand's leading medical health retailer for natural health, skincare & household products. Our local store is located on the main street at 27 Birkenhead Avenue, Birkenhead, next to Westpac Bank. We are 100% New Zealand Owned and Operated Family Business. Check us out now as we constantly running different campaigns for the store such as hot deals, specials, monthly deals, everyday low prices, exclusive brands. We are now providing personal free delivery to every household in Birkenhead area. If you don't like the prices that has been set by us, please do mention it as we do price matching. We truly believe that natural health products would help to promote a better health for you.

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Birkenhead Health Plus is New Zealand's leading health retailer for natural health, skincare & household products. Our local store is located on the main street at 27 Birkenhead Avenue, Birkenhead..
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Free delivery in birkenhead area..i will be back for sure..have been living in birkenhead for 20 years..first time receiving free delivery service from local shop..thanks a million!!!!

Jennifer '`

nice shop and Terry is very friendly!

Mikayla '`

Amazing customer service! Very friendly!

Jessica '`

fast delivery and great communication..

Steph '`

very knowledgeable! I will be back...

Joseph '`

Reasonable prices! I like the everyday low prices products

Jessy '`

Personal service! Nice and friendly! Great to see Birkenhead has a good shop..

Charmaine '`

Great phone communication and fast delivery! Highly recommended!!!!!!!

Tim '`

very polite and plus has become my local supplement shop already..

Lucinda '`

good payment..easy for pick up!

jason '`