Pharmacy Birkenhead

Do you have a specific injury or medication needs from a local pharmacy Birkenhead? At Birkenhead Health Plus, with our extensive product range and reliable knowledge of natural well-being items, we will discuss your situation and pair you with the most appropriate medicine.

Pharmacy Birkenhead

Establishing a family-owned, brick-and-mortar store, we have built lasting relationships with the local community, being friendly and patient whilst helping pair you with the product to suit your needs. We make a commitment to sourcing trusted brands and tested medicine items to gain our position as New Zealand's leading health retailer.

Whether you need natural health items, beauty products, baby care, skincare, or household products, finding an item to treat your ailments will be our top priority. Our services are offered to accommodate depending families and customers, giving you knowledge and advice to make an informed decision regarding our medicines.

Online Pharmacy NZ

While our in-store pharmacy Birkenhead is clearly composed of sections and easily located products, we have built our online pharmacy NZ for your convenience without requiring a booking link for consultations or booked appointments with a doctor. Our health products NZ cater for all needs from irritable bowel syndrome to urinary tract infections, serving the needs of greater Auckland, and our local Birkenhead community.

Our online site delivers each page with featured items to account for our product's focus, from skin care and beauty products to vitamins and natural health. By allowing purchases to be completed online and dispatched to your home, we cater for all customers regardless of your mobility or our staffing and booking numbers.

Reliable Health Provider

Our team members believe in our responsibility to offer honest advice and reliable products for our Birkenhead community, being open with our clients. We demonstrate our knowledge and values regarding lifestyle care such as patches to help stop smoking, and routine vaccinations for dealing with Covid 19 or the flu, lowering the risk of negative health consequences and further infection in New Zealand.

With our staff always being available to accommodate walk-ins at our physical store, our role as a retail medication provider is to offer constant service without requiring an appointment, as an important step in the regular availability of health products for New Zealanders.

Immune Health

Greater immune health, especially during cold and flu season, is featured by us at Birkenhead Health Plus in an attempt to improve the immune systems of those around us and stop you from developing those pesky runny noses, and coughs, or fevers. Our supplements are vitamins and pills which compensate for nutrient deficiencies and boost the immune systems of users.

Our pharmacy services are enacted to source excellent products which are proven to aid immune response, adding to your healthy diet to give you that extra enhancement through daily capsules or pills. Items such as Quercetin NZ are naturally occurring chemicals that deliver antioxidant properties for robust immune response and more benefits.

Children's Growth and Development

Aiding in the healthy growth and development of local children, our services deliver items that make your daily routine easier. From accessories for babies to complete nutrition supplementation to add to daily meals, our services aren't limited to attending a medicine appointment for families dealing with sickness.

We cherish our local mother's love for their kids and babies, understanding that they seek the best medicines and supplements for their child. Additionally, we respond to mothers and families who are dealing with stressful situations in childhood illnesses such as influenza or common colds, where we will find specific solutions for your loved ones.

Responsible Health Retailing

Every page of our online site or shelf within our store has been filled with tried and tested products to ensure their capabilities and trusted ingredients. We demand accountability from our partners and our own services so that, whether you are looking for simple cold medication, urinary tract infections, vaccine advice, or baby care, you will find a high-quality product that is appropriate for your needs.

Our Values

We value high standards of ingredients and natural environmental conservation, respecting the trust our customers have in our team by delivering excellent supplements which make a real change in their lives. While we praise services such as the flu vaccine, we regard freedom of choice as a key value of our team. Additionally, we adhere to any prescription advised by a doctor, suggesting additional care through a General Practitioner for severe medical issues.

Domestic and International Shipping

If you live in the Birkenhead area you are suitable for free shipping eligibility, visit our online site if you are interested in having items sent to your door. We also offer domestic shipping throughout New Zealand and send our items internationally to provide supplements for a broad customer base.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team regarding our products or if you are encountering a shipping issue.

Online Pharmacy NZ

Pharmacy Birkenhead
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