New Era No.7 Kali. Sulph. 240 Tablets

New Era No.7 Kali. Sulph. 240 Tablets

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New Era No.7 Kali. Sulph. 240 Tablets

The Healer
New Era Kali Sulph. helps to maintain skin condition, skin eruptions, eczema, falling hair, diseased nails and catarrh.It also has a beneficial effect on respiration and where there is a sticky, yellowish discharge from the skin. Biotin supports healthy hair, skin and nails, helps the nervous system function properly and is necessary for cell growth and energy.
Deficiency Symptoms:Minor skin conditions,Brittle hair and nails,Intestinal disorders,Catarrh.
Active Ingredients:Potassium Sulphate, Biotin, Lactose.No added artificial additives, non toxic, non addictive, vegetarian, gluten & dairy free
Directions:Adults: 4 tablets taken 3 times daily.Children: 2 tablets 2-3 times daily.To be dissolved directly on the tongue.Infants: 1 tablet crushed with a little water to form a paste, placed on the tongue or in a bottle

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